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How Fax Noticing Works


Requirements  Redundant Mode  Name & Adddress Matching  Fax Transmission  Fax Format 


The process of becoming an Electronic Bankruptcy noticing recipient using Fax is straightforward. Here are the steps required to become a Fax notice recipient:

  1. Have an open Fax line and working machine in place for notice transmittals in the evenings.
  2. Complete and sign our online Noticing Agreement.

Redundant Mode

  1. Fax service will be initiated approximately two weeks after you complete and return the Noticing Agreement.

  2. The BNC will initially conduct a test to confirm that your Fax number and machine is working.

  3. During the first 30 days of EBN service, the BNC will send the notice electronically as well as mail the paper copy so that you can confirm the process is working properly.

  4. Upon expiration of the 30 day redundant mode (redundant mode begins from the date the BNC sets up your service, not the date of your first EBN notice) all future notices processed by the BNC for this court will only be sent electronically without further notice. Call the BNC at 877-837-3424 if you have other specific needs.

Name and Address Matching

When you fill in the Noticing Agreement you must identify the name(s) and address(s) and name synonyms (spelling variations of your name) to which electronic notices are to be sent. Some courts maintain a list of standardized names and addresses for some recipients (e.g., attorneys admitted to practice before the court). You may contact the clerk's office EBN coordinator to see if they have you listed. The address(s) that you list must contain a Zip+4 (9-digit) Zip Code. If you do not know your Zip+4 you can find it by going to www.usps.com/ncsc/lookups/lookups.htm.

  1. The BNC determines that a notice should be sent electronically by comparing the name synonyms and addresses listed on your Noticing Agreement with the names and addresses that the debtor lists on his petition. The BNC software will attempt to match the name (without punctuation) and address and send the notice electronically.

  2. If the recipient names and address in the court's notice instructions do not match the name(s) and address(s) on the Noticing Agreement, the BNC will mail the notice via the US Postal Service. If applicable, contact the court EBN Coordinator (see Court List for EBN POC) to add additional names and addresses that debtors designate for you or your company.

  3. If your Noticing Agreement is required to be submitted to the court you must notify the EBN coordinator in each court should your E-mail or any names and addresses used for electronic noticing change.

  4. If your Noticing Agreement was submitted directly to the BNC you must notify the BNC should your E-mail or any names and addresses used for electronic noticing change.

  5. For details and examples of the EBN Name and Address matching process click here.

Fax Transmission

Faxing will begin each evening at the first possible time after the notice data has been formatted by the BNC and a communications line becomes available. The following guidelines apply:

  1. The BNC will make three attempts to deliver the notice(s) by Fax. If there is a failure during transmission, the transmission will begin again at the beginning of the Fax job (the cover sheet). If a confirmation of receipt is not received within three attempts, the document will be mailed the following day.

  2. Confirmation of receipt will consist of a Fax log acknowledging successful transmission.

  3. Should electronic noticing delivery to you be unsuccessful three consecutive times, the service will be terminated without further notice and only mailed copies will be sent. You must contact the court EBN coordinator or the BNC to resolve the issue and have electronic noticing service reinstated.

  4. The BNC will not retransmit notices. Contact the court to get another copy.

  5. Your receiving Fax machine will determine fax resolution (print quality). The common CCITT Group 3 Fax standards will be used.

  6. Not all notices you may receive in a case are processed through the BNC. Notices generated by trustees, attorneys, debtors, and some court-generated notices or orders will continue to be mailed to the address of record at the court.

Fax Format

The BNC will include one Fax coversheet per recipient for all notices from the same district showing the name and address of the recipient, case number, court form code, originating court, date, and the total number of pages included in the Fax. A notice or a combined Fax will not exceed 30 pages. If a single notice exceeds 30 pages it will be mailed, not faxed. If a combined Fax exceeds 30 pages, the Fax will be broken into segments, with no segment containing more than 30 pages.

Click here to see example of Fax coversheet format.